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After performing live Theater and one person shows during the 80’s and early 90’s, in 2012  I wrote a play called One Flew Over the Cubicle, the story of my dads struggle with Alzheimer’s. A week before the opening of the play, I developed horrible stage fright for the first time in my 25 year acting career.  I would wake up in cold sweats, shake on stage, and I thought I was going to die every night before I went on.  And for 2 years while touring the show across the Canadian Fringe Festival circuit, I lived with this terror. When I closed the show to 4 stars and rave reviews at the Edmonton Fringe Festival  I went on to write and perform other shows but the stage fright lingered…  So when I saw a course being offered to learn stand up comedy at Comedy Bar in Toronto in 2016  I decided to sign up hoping that it would cure my stage fright and discover some humour in my terror. 


I completed the course and performed my first set and never looked back. I began the open mic circuit in Toronto learning what it means to really bomb, and getting back up there night after night after night.  The key to surviving the fear of failure is to fail a lot. I discovered that it wouldn’t kill me after all. 


Now, I am proud to say I have performed at Absolute Comedy, in Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto, to a sold out crowd at Yuk Yuks Toronto Jewish Comedy Festival, Aldot Comedy Lounge, Underground Comedy Club Toronto, Comedy Bar, Levity Comedy Club in Hamilton, Crickets Comedy Club in Thunder Bay, The Corner Comedy Club in Toronto, and countless bars, restaurants, hosting for private functions, and coffee shops across the GTA and Ontario.  Then in March 2020 the Global Pandemic put everyone into quarantine. 


After surviving my Covid 19 meltdown, I began to do  shows online, becoming a Zoom Comic, and getting the chance to tour the US and the UK from the comfort of my couch!!  In the summer of 2020 I hosted shows in my backyard in my vegetable garden called Cucumber Comedy! I look forward to being a stand up comic for many more years and couldn’t be happier to have you visit my website and watch my sets!

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